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From €20.00 / h
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Vallisaari piers


Pick up/drop off piers 

3. (length ca. 6m)

5. (length. ca. 19m) The pier is reserved for rescue workers if needed.

9. (length ca. 7m)

10. (length ca. 18m)

11. (suitable for several smaller vessels e.g. taxi boats. Length altogether ca. 18m)

Cooperational contract required.

Charter use max 15 min/ visit

No booking possibility. 


Bookable pier (part of guest harbour)

4. (length ca. 30m). Pier rent 25€/h or 190€/ day (incl.VAT 24%)

Cooperational contract required.

Charter use as agreed.


Regular service piers

1. Suomen Saaristokuljetus Oy Market place-Vallisaari-market place (length ca. 20m)

6. JT-Line Oy  (length ca. 14m)

7. (length ca. 12m)

8. (length ca. 12m)

Cooperational contract required.

Regular service use according to schedule.

Responsibiity to report the group sizes.


Service pier (2)

Must be agreed for each use separately.